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July 16th, 2010


PMP provides world class precision machined products and superior customer service to all of our clients.


PMP engages all Precision Metal Products employees and partners to support our zero defect and 100% on time delivery strategy. We accomplish this through the use of lean tools, systems, principles and the 4P model (Philosophy, Process, People, Problem Solving” A3”). With the deployment of lean tools and training all our employees in lean manufacturing, PMP has achieved a competitive advantage that has allowed us to grow the business and support our community. Each year PMP analyzes our business and creates a new Hoshin plan that our “Lean Six Sigma Team” executes over the next 12 months.

Core Values:

  1. Quality- With the use of POKEYOKE, SPC, and Six Sigma we strive for zero defects within the entire value stream. We always promote quality over quantity.
  2. Teamwork- Our “ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM” approach to the identification and elimination of problems (opportunities) in the entire value stream helps us learn and grow as a group.
  3. Discipline- With the development of standard work and audits conducted that support our PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) way of life, we continue to drive waste from our processes. We do this in the pursuit of world class stability in our processes that support improvement of flow and the control of inventory.  This way of life at PMP also helps us provide world class risk management with all products we manufacture.
  4. Safety- In practicing 5s we provide a clean and safe working environment for all of our associates.

Above all we enjoy challenges and exceeding our customer’s expectations on quality, delivery and cost through the use of lean manufacturing and innovation.

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