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Utilizing the use of Wire EDM gives us the capability to manufacture...

  • Prototypes

  • Production parts

  • Tooling components of complex shapes with extremely tight tolerances. 

The machine's Power Master...

  • Automatically adjusts machine conditions to provide the best performance while running it's 22 LB Wire Spool Standard.

  • Allows up to 40 hours of unattended machine running time.

Our experienced programmers are able to...

  • Import 3D parasolid CAD, IGEs, DXG, and other files

  • Generate 2D wire paths to run our full, 4 axis machine with 5 degree/side taper cutting machines.

Our numerous Wire EDM Machines...

  • Have the ability to utilize wire sizes down to .2mm (.008) diameter.

  • Enhance our ability to work with close tolerances.

  • Are an integral part of our rapid prototyping capabilities.

From rapid prototyping, tooling/gaging components, and production manufacturing our Wire EDM Machines allow us the versatility to serve our customers in many faces of the manufacturing process.

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